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How can you raise your credit score with Credit repair secrets?

  • How to build your credit fast using the “Advanced Profiling Technique”!
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  • Why being self-employed hurts your credit report and the easy remedy to get around
  • One easy phone call that can cut your credit card payments in half!
  • Why paying off your credit cards in full each month.
  • How to legally get up to 20 years of excellent credit.

About Us

We are the premier credit and tradeline company in the industry today. Unfortunately, there are many imposters and fly by night companies out there.  However, when you deal with Liberty Credit USA, you can expect nothing but professionalism and preformance from day one. We will not stop until you are completely satisfied. 

AU Tradelines

We have over 100 Authorized User Tradelines every single month which we guarantee with post each and every time. If you need a boost of 50, 60, even over 100 points, this in this quickest and easiest way to make that happen.   


We are here to help you fund your business or personal loans, no matter how big or small.  We have programs ranging from no doc to full doc and everything inbetween.  We can also help you getting your personal and business in order to ensure that you qualify for the most funding possible.  Liberty Credit USA is your credit funding specialist

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Why Deal With Us?

In the credit and tradeline industry unfortunately, there are many fly by night and illegitimate companies on the market today.  It's the here today, gone tomorrow mentality.   When you deal with Liberty Credit USA, we are prompt, courteous, and deliver on our promises everytime.   We believe in creating life long partnerships and cherish good business.  Please feel free to call us anytime and we will be more than happy to service any and all of your credit needs.  Whether its adding tradelines, removing derogatory items off your credit, or a complete credit overhaul, we got you covered.